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Andy Forte

I am Andy Forte and I am the owner of Darkside Window Tint in Clovis, CA. I have been tinting windows in the central valley for over 22 years and have seen a tremendous change in the techniques used throughout the years. ComputerCut has bee a fantastic program with its ability to cut out patterns for automotive film and paint protection for almost all vehicles. Through the years of using it I have saved a great deal of time. I do not have to hand cut patterns, film is not wasted, and the quality looks amazing.

Joe Flores

I Jose “Joe” Flores the owner of Joe’s Mobile Tint have been tinting for 15 years. I went in to business for myself 9 years ago. During this time I would pride myself on the ability to hand cut and have flawless installs building a reputation for myself as “Madera’s Best”. On an average I would tint about 7 cars a day it would take me about 9-10 hours. I met with Nick Cassusi the Solar Gard Rep back in November of 2014. Nick brought up the idea of the Computer Cut program to me. I was hesitant to make the switch or even try it, after a week I decided to give the Computer Cut Program a try. I have increased the number of cars I tint per day to 13-15 cars in about 7 hours, my business has become more efficient and thus more successful. It has just about all cars in the system. No more drop light on the back window no more scratched glass, no more cutting visors by hand. I highly recommend Computer Cut, it definitely has helped me and my business grow incredibly.

Scott Iverson

Check out the frost film job above my picture. Computercut is the end all software for the window tinting industry, and the shops out there that are not using it, are just flat robbing themselves!! Since I first signed on I find myself using it more and more, now I utilize every service, paint film, window tinting, and Graphics, and more! The amount of time that I've shaved off my day to day is unreal, I have a full time employee that's software/hardware and doesn't complain!!!

Robert Peinado

SolarGard Window Films has always been our only partner in the window tinting business. They are quick to ship the product, and are ALWAYS there to answer questions knowledgeably and effectively. Our sales representative Brent Wiseman has been with us from the start of our business. He has helped us grow our tinting business and kept us up to date with the latest trends and specials in our market! Computercut has been the most essential tool that we use on a daily basis to make our window tinting business efficent and cost effective. I don't know how my business would be able to function without the backing of Saint Gobain. That is why we do business with them, and why we would NEVER look else where!

Ron Canchola

My name is Ron Canchola, I am from Lodi California. I am the owner of Ron’s window tint for the past 17 years now. After High school I joined the US Marine Corp for 4 years from 1991-1995. I have over the years built a state of the art tint facility, I have been a subscriber to computercut since the first year it came out, we use computer cut for both window film, paint protection and thousands of available graphics. I recently became a Panorama dealer and am now on the dealer counsel. I have obtained a current state contractors license. As well my son Thomas is now a second generation window tinter. I’d like to say that “computer cut has been a great asset to my business and a great technological cutting system.” Please feel free to view my website at


We are The Tint Factory Inc.of Loma Linda California . We have over 25.0000 downloads with computer cut and still counting. We have surpassed over 2 million dollars in sales since the business began in 1989. Because of Computer Cut we have been able to serve more new customers and stand out from other shops who either don’t have Computer Cut or don’t regularly use it. We have just almost perfected the art of using computer cut. Because of their program it has helped us tint faster. Instead of doing a 2 door car in one hour cutting by hand, now it only takes thirty minutes from start to finish with the help of Computer Cut. With this we stand apart from our closest competitors. Computer Cut to us means clean cuts, faster service, increased profits. We are the number one Computer Cut dealer in the Inland Empire, and that's why we are, A SHADE ABOVE THE REST

Dean Dealy

AUTOstyles is located in Santa Cruz, California. Dean began using ComputerCut as a way to efficiently increase his profits in window tinting by saving on film and labor costs while at the same time tinting more vehicles. He has also tapped into an additional revenue source which he did not have prior to owning a ComputerCut system…Clearshield. Dean’s close relationship with the cycling and racing industries has presented him with the opportunity to offer these industries extensive custom graphics work. ComputerCut has proven to be a indispensable tool to Dean’s graphics production. “Now that ComputerCut offers full printing services along with window tint and Clearshield patterns, I’m able to offer my customers a complete package including small to full color decals, and complete vehicle wraps without all the expense associated with purchasing & running large format printing equipment. It’s turned out be a great money maker.”

Paul Cowles

We opened Professional Window Tinting LLC (PRO-TINT) in 1987 and have moved to the forefront of the custom auto movement in Ann Arbor, Detroit and the surrounding areas. We needed a way to enhance our offerings in the custom tinting arena, so we chose ComputerCut integrated business system. It allows us to create one-of-a-kind custom images, customer logos and full mural-like graphics that would never have been possible without the system. Even with the ever-changing aftermarket trends ComputerCut is there with continued updates and customer support to meet our needs. ComputerCut is fast and extremely accurate, helping us reduce scrap, add efficiency and increase productivity, enabling us to say “Yes” to our customer’s requests. Check us out at

John & Ann Hovdenes

Our company is the Sun Shield Center, in Rapid City, SD. Sunshield was opened in June, 1983, by John, Rich and Paul Hovdenes. John has lost both his dad and brother to cancer and is now the sole owner of the company. Ann his wife has worked in the company for the last 7 yrs. We have been in our current location since 1997. Along with window tinting we also offer Cruise controls, keyless entries, remote starts, stereo installs and auto accessories. We started using the Computer Cuts system after the SEMA show in Las Vegas 1999. Our thoughts were that it was like hiring another employee without having to pay them or any of the payroll taxes. The cutter never gets sick or takes time off. The system has worked well for us, as Gary warns there is a learning curve, and as with all computer programs there are a few frustrations. But for the most part once we were up and running the cutter has saved us time and material. The majority of our business is automotive but we have found it helpful on flat glass also. Our cutter is visible to the customer waiting area and they are impressed with our modern system and how quickly the patterns are cut.

Stan Foster

We are excited about doubling our floor space and adding employees to handle the new business being generated using our Computer Cut system. One of our biggest surprises in the retail business was the demand for and profit made from cutting graphics using film and vinyl! In the training section of our business we now are offering a class on Clear Shield applications. We can't wait to get the graphics up for sale on the Internet!

Thanks from all of us here at Auto Window

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