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There are many reasons why purchasing ComputerCut is the best decision you could make for your business.

It's an opportunity to truly diversify your business. With ComputerCut, there's no limit to the type of customers you can solicit, what you can do, or how big your business can become. The ComputerCut database gives you access to auto window tinting, vinyl graphics and signs, architectural window film, paint protection film, vehicle wraps and more. You can work faster than ever before.

The ComputerCut plotter takes a downloaded pattern and cuts it in a matter of minutes, as opposed to the time necessary to cut an entire job by hand. Even if you're an experienced installer, you can still be doing other things - such as cleaning glass and booking appointments - while ComputerCut takes care of the pattern cutting. Plus, the patterns are carefully cut according to established specifications, so any trimming that you may have to do will be minimal - an added selling bonus for customers.

You can save your own custom patterns.

In addition to being able to access the available patterns, ComputerCut allows dealers to keep their custom jobs in a timesaving, personal database. You can create your own designs via practically any design program - Corel Draw®, Adobe Illustrator®, Freehand®, or other sign programs - and import them into your personal ComputerCut database.

It's the most efficient and hassle-free pattern cutting process imaginable.

ComputerCut provides you with the ability to customize patterns according to your individual needs and keep them readily accessible - saving you valuable time when the time comes to use them again.

Commercial Window Film
Residential Window Film
Vinyl Graphics
Automotive Window Film Auto & RV Paint Protection Film

It dramatically cuts your supply costs & inventory.

Patterns are sized, then arranged on screen to make maximum use of your film - eliminating up to 20% of waste incurred by hand cutting. Additionally, by sending your installers out to the jobsite with pre-cut rolls of films, you maintain tighter control over your inventory. ComputerCut will also track your inventory by film type and installer, enhancing your enventory control and profitability.

Provide complete employee training in less than half the time.

To be sure that your customers are receiving the highest quality service, employee training is a necessity. With ComputerCut, you can reduce the learning curve normally associated with new employee training. That's because you won't have to teach them how to cut patterns precisely and consistently; ComputerCut will already be taking care of that.

It's more appealing to your customers.

Consistent, evenly cut patterns mean happier customers. And that means higher profits. The appeal of film not having to be cut on glass or a vehicle is highly compelling - plus, it results in less chance of any damage being done to your customers' property. That makes ComputerCut a win-win prospect for everybody!

The ComputerCut Auto Window Tinting basic kit includes:

  • ComputerCut Film Cutting Plotter
  • ComputerCut Internet Database Access Program
  • Internet Database Access Fee
  • Free Updates and Graphic Design Service
  • Free Extra Blade Holder & Blade
  • Unlimited Toll Free and Online Support
  • Free ComputerCut Marketing Support Material
Additional Packages available.

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