Solar Gard Window Film


What is Clearshield?

Clearshield is a tough, protective film designed to protect a vehicles most vulnerable painted areas of a vehicle from damage from stones, insects, road salt and sand.

What type of businesses can sell and apply Clearshield?

Clearshield is the perfect up sell for all customers, for all automotive businesses - whether it's automotive detailing, tinting, trim and upholstery or body repair.

How thick is Clearshield and what is it constructed of?

Clearshield is 8 mils thick and contains 2 mil of adhesive coupled with 6 mil of urethane film with a hard coat finish.

Can Clearshield be removed, and if so will it damage the paint finish?

Clearshield can be removed and has been approved by all OEM manufacturers not to damage a vehicles paint finish.

How long is the Clearshield warranty coverage?

5 Years

What does the Clearshield warranty cover and what is the make good?

The Clearshield warranty covers product failure and defects. The make good is replacement product with re-installation labor covered up to $150.00.

What marketing and sales support material is available to a Clearshield dealer?

A full compliment of support material is available including:

  1. Brochures
  2. Point of Purchase Display
  3. Mirror hangars
  4. Instructional video/CD Rom and manual
  5. Clearshield Shirts
  6. Presentation Folders
  7. Free Internet dealer locator

What size plotters are available to me as a Clearshield Dealer?

Clearshield patterns can be cut on numerous sizes of plotters. We recommend that if you are in the paint protection film business only to use the ComputerCut 24" Plotter available from Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics.

What type of savings should I experience by cutting my own Clearshield kits versus purchasing pre-cut kits?

Due to the decreased costs associated with shipping, labor and packaging of pre-cut kits, you will typically experience a 40% savings per an average kit (hood, fenders and mirrors).

What is the average install time for a Clearshield kit?

Most kits on the average will take approximately 30 minutes to one hour, depending on the difficulty level of the pattern abd the experience of the installer.